The powers of today’s world seem to be realizing the tremendous potential resource found in women. While the 

employment of that resource may not be as expeditious as we might like, clearly, the writing is on the wall. In short, women

possess special talents, special attributes, that will allow them to meet the challenges of the world today better than men 

are able. This will, in turn, bolster national competitiveness in countries throughout the world once these talents are 



The key to the longevity and effectiveness of this transition must have its roots in institutionalization. When an institutional 

basis exists, a movement can be sustained beyond the life of an individual. Likewise, a strong institutional basis can 

counteract longstanding discriminatory practice.



Herein lies one of the main reasons for establishing WKIC. By sharing professional knowledge and experiences with one 

another while promoting friendship, we are, in effect, building an institution. This institution, WKIC, will certainly contribute 

to the realization of a gender equal society by promoting the status of women around the world. By strengthening the 

human network, we facilitate expansion of women’s leadership and help to develop the capabilities of women.