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Tour to Historic places: Visiting YoungWol in Gangwon Province

Admin 0 48 06.13 23:29

On the 22nd of May, 2024, the members of WKIC went on a tour to historic places to Youngwol located in Gangwon Province. Youngwol is famous for a place of exile of a young King called Danjong, who became a king at the age of 12 and died at the age of 17 due to political reasons during Josun Dynasty. Starting at 8 in the morning, 18 members got on the bus and dropped by several historical places. All of them had a wonderful view and landscapes as well as quiet trails. Sundol is a rock around 70meter high and I would say it is a miniature of Janggagae of China. Hanbando-Jihyung looks exactly like the Peninsula of Korea and it's said to be made through erosion and sedimentation. Bupheungsa temple was the last stop which has the Shrine of Sakyamuni Buddha's Sarira. Everything was so quiet and peaceful. Such a fine spring day to take a trail and practice lifelong education.