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[Seoul Chapter] Visit to Goyang International Flower Exhibition

박미정 0 19 05.16 00:13

You can never fully enjoy spring without gazing at blooming flowers. So the members of the Seoul Chapter decided to visit the Goyang International Flower Exhibition in Ilsan. We couldn't have picked a better day for the event: the weather was warm and sunny, and most of the flowers were in full bloom.

The exhibition was very well arranged, with different types of flowers and themes such as rose garden, vegetable garden, cactus garden, and more. There were plenty of pretty photo spots where people could take pictures with the flowers. The morning quickly passed as we walked among the flowers, learning their names and taking pictures.

After lunch, we went to Christoph Ruckhaberle's exhibition 'Waking Up the Pictures' at the Goyang Aram Nuri Art Center. The vivid colors and repeating patterns of rather coarse brushstrokes in his works reminded me of pop art at first glance, but as I went through the exhibit, they seemed to convey a deeper message that the artist tried to deliver to the audience. The exhibition was a lot more fun than I had expected.

After the exhibition, we visited Heyri Art Village. One of the members had an artist friend who owned a gallery café with a nice garden in the village. The trip to Heyri was not in our plan for the day, but it was very refreshing to be in the quiet countryside.