Special Activity

WCI 16th Biennial Conference in Taipei, Taiwan

신정선 0 20 05.13 23:25

Nine members of WKIC attended the conference held in Taiwan from April 14th to 18th. WCI Biennial conference is to be held every two years, but it's been 6 years since the conference in Washington, DC in 2018 due to Covid pandemic. There were opening remarks by WCI President Vivienne Shen, and WTIC President Joan Fuh. Vice President-elect  Bikhim Hsiao and Taipei City mayor Way Wan-An  Chiang also made a congratulatory speech and the keynote speech on the first day of the conference.  

The next day, ECM and Board of Directors meeting were held in the morning and a keynote speech by the Pastor Ngoliah Martin Ochieng followed. After that 18 club representatives gave a club report and Sunny Shin did it on behalf of WKIC. 

On the 16th, a fun city tour started from Ching-Kuo Chi-Hai Culture Park to the National Palace Museum to get people exposed to the Taiwanese history. Participants went to Taipei 101 observatory and finished the tour with some delicious dim-sum dinner at DingTai Fung.  

On the 17th, Dr. Jungsook Kim made a speech on gender equality and women's empowerment issues. She put an emphasis on the endeavors of women NGOs to fulfill the needs and encouraged continuous efforts.   After that, there was a UN Council presentation on ECOSOC and CSW68 by Sunny Shin in place of Director Maria Fernanda Arduino since she couldn't come to the conference due to a health issue.  A round table discussion followed and four groups came up with their resolutions. There was a farewell dinner with sister clubs' performance, and Korean team members dressed ourselves with Hanbok (Korean traditional costume) and got a lot of applause.