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7th Anniversary celebration with special lecture on Women's empowermen…

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Welcome club had its 7th anniversary Celebration with some guests and members on the 29th of November at Press Center. All the B

oard members and a lot of guests including several well-known politicians and ambassadors residing in Korea joined the party and e

njoyed the festivity. President Kim made a welcoming speech with appreciation for the constant support and gave a list of things WK

IC had done this year. She put an emphasis on WKIC's effort to extend to the global level  by sending delegates to FAWA Japan (Fede

ration of Asia-Pacific Women's Association) and ICW's ECM in the Philippines. 

Former congressman Kyungwon Na and Kyungshik Shin made congratulatory speech appreciating what WKIC had done for the contribution of well-being of women through the global leadership buildup and international cultural exchanges. Foreign ambassadors from the Philippines, Belarus, and Taiwan also gave a congratulatory speech with the toast. 

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Kyungwha Kang gave a special lecture on the current circumstances and women's roles under that. She put an emphasis on the importance of opportunities that need to be provided to women and the organizations working for the empowerment of women.


Followed by the Musical performance by Prof. Kyungjun Park (Baritone) and the violinist Yohan Jung. Baritone Park sang 'I'll live among the green hill', 'La vie en rose' and Mr. Jung played 'Amazing Grace', and 'Zigeunerweisen' accompanied by the pianist Yena Kim. 

Co-Chair Minji Lee proposed a toast expressing a deep gratitude for the support up to now. A Chinese course luncheon was provide

and everyone enjoyed the beautiful taste and fun talk.