Special Activity

Attending FAWA Convention in Tokyo, Japan

신정선 0 166 2023.10.27 19:11

 WKIC members attended the 24th Federation of Asian-Pacific Women's Association Convention, which was held from Sept. 15th to 18th in the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Japan. Delegates from other countries like Singapore, Taiwan, The Philippines, Malaysia and Guam also attended the convention for changes in the Asia Pacific Region under the catchphrase "Women as the Key Force". The registration started on the 15th with the Welcoming Dinner and Dr. Jungsook Kim made a congratulatory speech during the Opening Ceremony followed by keynote speech of  Ms. Mariko Bando, the President of Showa Women's University. Princess Nobuko from the Japanese Royal family also came and made a speech. Sunny Shin, the Secretary General of WKIC was re-elected as one of 5 Members at Large and Prof. Chung-wha Lim of Baekseok Univ. moved the audience with some beautiful songs during the Night View Dinner.  Such a marvelous time~

On the 17th, there was a plenary session with four speakers with the theme on Climate Change/ Women's Health and Technology/ Women and Work-Life Balance Post Pandemic/ Ageing Society with Focus on Women. Each speech was well-organized and was very interesting in the aspects of the age range of speakers, which was from 19 years old to 88. In the afternoon, there were workshops with the active participants and we came up with the Resolution after that. Dr. Young-hae Park and Sunny Shin worked as Co-Chair and Co-Rapporteur for the session as well. 

There was a Tea Ceremony session, a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of Matcha, powdered green tea and Korean participants wore Han-Bok, the traditional costume and impressed everyone around.  

On the last day of the convention, there was a city tour to Asakusa and Tokyo Tower. During the Closing Ceremony, Korean delegates sang Arirang and some foreign Folk song medley. After the country performance, there was an Installation Ceremony with the new president, Linda Liu and newly elected Executive Board.