Special Activity

Tour to Hanyang, the old capital : Jangchungdan, place of Memory

신정선 0 262 2023.07.05 23:21

Such a fine day in the middle of Jangma (a special term for the rainy season in Korea). On July 5th, 8 members got together and went on a tour to Jangchungdan altar, and Soopyokyo bridge. Prof. Oh gave an introductory speech over the history of Jangchungdan altar and Soopyokyo bridge and each one of us really enjoyed the stroll in the woods. Listening to the historical episodes is fun and informative and we all agreed that learning is indispensable no matter how old we are. Monaca (ice cream cake) and Naengmyeon (cold noodle) were also very good. You don't want to miss it ever again.