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Special lecture on 'Digital revolution and women's economic empowermen…

Admin 0 306 2023.07.05 22:56

WKIC invited a specialist and held a special lecture over luncheon at Seoul Club on June 21st. The subject was 'Digital revolution and women's economic empowerment', which lately brings a lot of people's attention. UNCSW67's theme  in New York this March was also'Digital technology and education for women and girls' empowerment.'  

President Jungsook Kim briefly went over the world trend on digital revolution and gender divide, which was the major issue at CSW in New York. 

Dr. Jongsook Kim, the lead researcher of KIWP introduced the technical changes, women's participation, and the ratio in the social field. While the demand for economic, professional and service fields increases along with the digital changes, the one for sales, and simple automatic jobs seems to decrease. She mentioned that high official women only took 17% in the field of STEM and emphasized women's participation to reduce the difference between men and women.  Over 60 people including members of WKIC, diverse women's association and National Assembly.