Special Activity

[WKIC Seoul Chapter] Visit to Edward Hopper exhibition

박미정 0 285 2023.05.15 16:21

The members of the Seoul Chapter of WKIC went to the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) on May 5th, Children's Day holiday.


Jointly curated by SeMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, which retains all of Hopper's artworks as a donation, the exhibition displayed Hopper's masterpieces in drawings, prints, oil paintings, watercolors, and etchings.


As the exhibition title "Edward Hopper: From City to Coast" implied, the exhibition displayed Hopper's works created in and about cities of Paris and New York and coastal areas of New England and Cape Cod, where he used to retreat in the summers. Thanks to the repeated travels between cities and rural areas, his works successfully captured both the urban landscape and daily lives of the people in cities and the rural scenery and beauty of nature.


It was drizzling on and off all day long. The wet trees in the museum garden cast deep green hues around the museum, which matched well with the calm and taciturn artist's exhibition.