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[WKIC Seoul Chapter] Attending a performance of "A Daughter's a D…

박미정 0 246 2023.05.15 15:37

On Thursday evening, March 23rd, a special performance took place at Ewha Woman's University. The English drama club called BEINGS put on a performance of "A Daughter's a Daughter," a play written by Agatha Christie. During Covid-19 pandemic for the last three years, they recorded their performance and put it online for the audience. Since this was the first performance in three years on stage in front of the real audience, we could see the staff at the ticket booth was excited to greet the audience.


The plot centered around a daughter's opposition to her mother's marriage. The mother, who was anguished between her daughter and lover, decided to leave her lover to stay with her daughter. However, as time passed, the love between the mother and daughter turned into bitterness as they blamed each other for their unhappiness. After some twists and turns, both women admitted their own past mistakes and forgave each other as they moved forward.


The actresses were all girls, so it was a different kind of fun to see some of them who played male roles dressed up as men and tried to keep their voices low and deep while displaying manly gestures.


The performance of the cast was exceptional. Since the cast was all students, which meant they were all amateurs, I didn't expect much until the curtains opened. However, I could see and feel that they put tremendous effort and time into practicing their lines and rehearsing the performance. I was so absorbed in the performance that I didn't realize two and a half hours had passed when the play was over.


During the curtain call, the audience applauded wholeheartedly for all the actresses and staff for their hard work. As an alum, I was so proud of the BEINGS team for their remarkable accomplishment.