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Tour to historic places - To Naesosa temple

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* Date : April 19th

* Place : Naesosa Temple, Chaeseokgang River and Jeokbyeokgang River, Saemangeum Sea Wall, etc.


Finally, our most well-known program is back.  'Tour to historic places'. This April we decided to go to Buan in Jeollabook do province. It's supposed to be a long way to go so we,22 people, met at 7:30 in the morning and got on the rented bus. It took around 4 hours to get to our first destination, Chaesokgang cliff. It refers to a rocky cliff and the sea around it and is known to be formed from many layers of rocks stratified by the sea many million years ago.  It is nature's masterpiece of stratification and just out of this world. Since we were near the sea area, we went to the seafood restaurant and enjoyed the raw fish and some hot soup. 

The second stop was Naesosa Temple, which was built over one thousand years ago . The name carries the following meaning "May anyone who comes here revives their life." Once you step through the Iljoomun (One Pillar Gate), the fir trees stand towering emitting a distinctive fragrance that seems to purify our minds from daily drudgery. Such a marvelous trip! The next stop was a ride to Jeokbyeokgang Cliff area and the yellow Canola flowers were on the hills everywhere. We took many pictures on our own and in groups as well.  Such an amazing time it was. We also dropped by at Suseongdang (another cliff area and with structures for offering prayers for the deceased). 

We also had a lifetime experience watching how persistent and organized people can be.  Saemangeum Sea Wall  was absolutely the world's longest man-made dyke measuring 33 kilometers which reminded us of the Great Wall of China. The bus ride itself took quite a while and it was such an overwhelming experience.  

Every moment mattered and left us unforgettable memories. No wonder people say 'Tour to historic places' Welcome to Korea International Club's star program.