Special Activity

Trip to Historic place, Jeoksangsan Mountain.

Admin 0 347 2022.11.16 23:28

One sunny Autumn day, 27 people got together and went ahead to Jeoksangsan Mountain, in Muju area in Jeollabuk-do Province. The trip to historic places has been one of the most  popular programs of WKIC and we haven't had any for a while due to Covid since 2020. We rented a bus and as soon as we got on board, we started to eat Kimbab  ( We can't call it a picnic without Kimbab..haha). Dr. Kim gave a welcoming speech and led a sing a song  session until we got to the Mountain.  Such a fun time. Just a day before, the President of International Council of Women, Martine and the treasure, Ludovina came to Korea, and they joined us as well. One of the principal work of Welcome Club, welcoming foreigners~~.  


Jeoksangsan Mountain got its name since it looks like it wears the long red skirt especially during the Fall season, but we were totally disappointed to see no foliage on trees. We came too late. We saw the artificial lake for the power plant okay, and there were the fortress as well. 

Some of the members went hiking to Ankuksa Temple, which was small, but quite solemn. Everything has its ups and downs. We just have to find the best out of what we got. People we went along with were good and we had a chance to get away from every day routine. And the weather was perfect.