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2021 General Assembly

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Covid 19 has changed our lives a lot, and so has it affected the activities of Welcome to Korea International Club. On March 9th, 2021, only 20 members got together at the Girl Scout Auditorium and held  2021 General Assembly. To abide by the government's rule to make  the members minimum, we couldn't help making the General Assembly with only a few members. President Jungsook Kim had an opening remark and Co-chair Minji Lee made a welcoming remark as well. Ms. Yunsook Lee, the former Minister of State for Political Affairs also gave a congratulatory speech. 


Every procedure went smooth and promptly. 2020 General meeting minutes got passed unanimously and members approved the 2021 plan of operation and the budget without dissent.  

After the meeting, there was a special lecture by President Kim celebrating International Women's Day. She went over the history and hardship that women went through to establish the gender equality' and urged the need to make more effort to make it right. Quite an educational and informative time it was!  After the lecture, a beautiful rose and ddug (a piece of korean rice cake) were given to each member to praise her effort to make a difference in her field of profession. 


글이 없습니다.
글이 없습니다.