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WKIC's 4th anniversary celebration and a special Lecture

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Welcome to Korea International Club had a 4th anniversary celebration and a special lecture on Nov. 10th at 2:30 pm at Maewha Hall in the Press Center.  WKIC has been holding a various programs on the purpose of empowering women and gender equality since the foundation. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, only 75 people gathered  and couldn't invite anybody from foreign embassies and organizations. 


During the opening remarks, President Jungsook Kim elaborated what meaningful activities WKIC has been doing to  foster the well-being of women of all ages and life-long education. She also thanked all the members who didn't mind giving hands when necessary. The former President of Ewha University, Dr. Baeyong Lee gave a congratulatory speech along with the Congresswoman  Geumhee Yang, and the Former Congressman Sundong Kim. 


A special award was given to three people who donated their valuable time for the well-being of women through education: Ms. Kyungsoon Sohn (Hanji painter), Ms. Sunny Shin (English teacher), and Ms. Sookja Ahn (Florist). There also was a congratulatory performance by Ms. Chungha Lim, Music professor at Baiksuk University. She sang 'Sungooja(Pioneer)', and 'Even though life gets to be hard' and gave all the participants a thrilling goosebump. 


The second part of the day was allocated to Dr. Choonkeun Lee who talked about the US election, political situation of Northeast Asia and Korea. He covered the process of US election and the impact of it to the international power politics. The whole session was so eye-opening that each member would have felt that it's never too late to learn something new from the different perspective. 


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