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WKIC's 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Admin 0 632 2019.12.11 19:46

On Wed. Dec 11th, Welcome to Korea International Club had its 3rd Anniversary celebration at President Hotel on the 31st floor. The registration started at 10: 30 and a lot of people showed up early. At 11a.m. sharp, the celebration started with Pledge of Allegiance. 

President Jungsook Kim introduced some of the guests including H.Es Ireland, Timor Lester, Bolivia and the spouses of ambassadors who couldn't make it themselves. Several guests were giving us the congratulatory speech and they all thanked for the invitation and opportunity to get themselves engaged in this active group WKIC and wished for the prosperity. 

Ms. Insoon Nam and Ms. Insook Park, both serving 19th and 20th National Assembly, gave a speech emphasizing strengthening gender equality in the general election to build a sustainable society. H.E. Julian Clare came with his wife, Siobhan, mentioned the Luncheon Gathering we had together in April and thanked the opportunity to engage with women who have seen at first-hand the many obstacles to gender equality whether large or small, intended or unintended, institutional or personal by saying that it was one of the highlights of their time in Korea. 

After the congratulatory remarks, there was a great musical performance done by Prof. Kotnim Chung and Kyungjun Park. They ended their performance by singing 'White Christmas'  as an 'Encore' song. Cake cutting and Toast were given and some other guests like Stephanie Danagher( the spouse of Canadian Ambassador), Ndingoho Manzini (the spouse of diplomat, South Africa), Konul Teymurova (the spouse of Azerbaijan) also gave a brief congratulatory remark during the luncheon. Quite a happy birthday party we had!


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