Special Activity

Visiting 'Ihwajang'

Admin 0 850 2019.07.13 19:24

On July 10th, a few  Board members along with two Presidents of WKIC paid a visit to Ihwajang, which was the ex-president Syngman Rhee's private residence, and also where the 1st government of Korea was organized. President Rhee and his wife lived there from October 1947 and their articles are still displayed inside their home. It consists of a Jogakdang - the chamber where the 1st government was formed and anchae (inner quarters), and byeoldangchae(detached house) and a newly constructed salimchae. The daughter in law of President Rhee was there telling us all the interesting episodes of Mrs. President and we all thanked for the chance to think over the role of women. 


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글이 없습니다.