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Historical tour to Hahoe Folk Village and Bongjeongsa Temple

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At dawn, 23 people got on the bus and were headed for Hahoe Folk Village which is a UNESCO Heritage listed place. On the bus the members had 'Kimbab' and some rice cake for breakfast and Prof. Oh gave us some brief introduction on the village "Founded in the 14th-15th centuries, Hahoe is seen as the most representative historic clan village in the Republic of Korea. Its layout and location - sheltered by forested mountains and facing out onto a river and open agricultural fields – reflect the distinctive aristocratic Confucian culture of the early part of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The village was located to provide both physical and spiritual nourishment from its surrounding landscape. It includes residences of the head families, together with substantial timber framed houses of other clan members, also pavilions, study halls, Confucian academies for learning, and clusters of one story mud-walled, thatched-roofed houses, formerly for commoners. The landscapes of mountains, trees and water around the village, framed in views from pavilions and retreats, were celebrated for their beauty by 17th and 18th century poets." Some dozed off, others listened carefully and viola!~  we went up to Buyongdae Cliff and were able to see the whole village from the top of the cliff. We found out later that  the rite 'Jeulbul Nori' which uses strings of fireworks happens there every year. The village was so peaceful and wonderful to take a stroll as well. A great zelkova tree which is 600 years old stands in the middle of the village and some of the elementary kids were busy writing down their wish on a white strip and hanging it on the string around the tree. Quite interesting. So little kids, still have a lot to pray.  

We went to the theater to watch a mask dance and went ahead to Bongjeongsa Temple.  It has some marvelous wooden  Buddhist sanctuaries. Youngsanam, which is an annex temple, was vested by only one Border Collie. He or she looked like the guardian who would hush the noisy tourist. 

Another trip to give some depth on our knowledge!


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