Message from the President

Dear sisters and faithful supporters of Welcome to Korea International Club(WKIC), 


Welcome to the WKIC homepage. 


We can view the 21st Century in the context of what might be called “soft power”. The special attributes 

women possess-- notably their sensitivity to issues, their delicate approach to problem solving, and their 

flexibility relative to the application of more traditional forms of power—lend themselves very nicely to the

demands of contemporary society. As such, there is a crying need for sensitive and competent women

in positions of social, political and business leadership.


As we know all too well, such transformation does not occur on its own. To realize meaningful change in the human condition, 

with women as the driving force, requires institutional support, and in this case actually creating solid, goal oriented 

institutions in the first place. This is precisely the reason why I so strongly support WKIC.


I would like for you to think of WKIC as an important step in the right direction. Through this organization we are able to 

strengthen relationships among those with similar philosophical orientation, and at the same time learn from the diversity of

our membership. Clearly, the strength of our organization rests on the strength of the friendships we create.


Please know how appreciative I am of your support. The success of any organization hinges on the dynamic interaction of its 

members. Your feedback, indeed your input to the present and future direction our organization takes, is critical. Together we 

can accomplish much and have a wonderful time in the process.


Very best wishes, 



Jungsook Kim, Ed.D  

President, Welcome to Korea International Club